Back in the dark misty times...

Back in the dark misty times...
Genealogy, joyfully discovered ~

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Monday, July 26, 2010

The HUNT continues with results!

I am elated as only another genealogist can begin to understand. Not only has Victorino Silvan's gravesite been found in Hayward, CA -- right next to his wife, Ramona Martinez Silvan and his son, Celestino Martin Silvan --- but with the help of my distant cousins I have also found the long-lost daughter, Feliza. Who could have possibly guessed her Americanized name would be ALICE?? So, now I can take a big sigh in the knowledge that we have found my grandmother's uncles, aunts and the cousins she traveled from Spain to Hawaii with on the S.S. Orteric in 1911.

It was such a pleasure to print and give copies of the Hawaiian Gazette historical newspaper article from April 1911 to my Aunts in California and also tell them about their great uncle they did not know existed! While in California, I was able to take pictures of the grave sites in Winters, CA and with our couisin's, Vicki, help in Hayward, as she took pictures of her great grandparents and grandparent's graves on the Victorino Silvan side of the family. The quest continues for the Souza Bento line and to add a bit more mystery, there was a Souza and Castro in a grave together... Why? We have no idea but will continue the quest...

Another new cousin (Linda) surfaced to join the collaboration efforts! She and her husband were stationed in Spain in the military in the 1970s and told me grandmother's ship probably did not port in Seville, but in Cadiz. So, that research is on my agenda. I am also trying very hard to find a book titled, MEMORIES OF SPAIN by Anne Aguilar Santucci and hoping to learn about the interstate library loaning program to get it. A complete stranger-genealogist offered the information on the internet. The internet is an awesome venue!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Kissing Virginia's soil

Home again! My lips were sore from kissing the ground when we drove in our driveway. Five weeks is so long.....

Life slapped us the minute we landed. Our 7-year old washer decided it was tired of spinning and our pile of dirty road-weary clothes, after driving 7,670 miles across America, sat and waited. Shaking my head, I decided it was time to either repair the washer (J.D. nixed the idea) or buy a new one (I wanted a front loader). He wanted a new 'set' even though the dryer worked fine. So, after a lot of internet research and two trips to Lowes and Home Depot, I found a brand I've never heard of before: LG. I'm excited because it's a front loader that opens on top. I know. I know. I am very strange but it is quite amazing. We will donate the dryer but the washer must be hauled away because Virginia gives a $75 rebate to do that. So, JD has been re-wiring sections of the pantry to put in a solenoid switch for each appliance (I don't even ask him anymore why .....) and the new set will be here Friday. Oh, and those sad (dirty) clothes? We had a back-up washer and dryer over at the shed. Yes, I'm a spoiled girl.

On the genealogy front, life keeps getting better. After meeting and continuing to work with a newly-found cousin, Vicki -- in San Jose, we are still trying to find bits and pieces of Victorino Silvan's family. Also, another cousin (Linda) who lives in Colorado and I will work on the Silvan side through her mother-in-law's memories (Great Aunt Juanita whom I called Aunt Jenny).

And I smile when I think of it === both cousins bought my COOKING DRUNK cookbook. Good times. Lovely things happen in the most remarkable places.

My youngest granddaughter will turn ONE on August 1st. We had a wonderful time visiting with her and my other three grandchildren in Oregon. They are each so very special. But oh!!! It is so good to be home once again.
MY SPAIN 'WALK-IN-HER-SHOES' TRIP IS POSTPONED TO JUNE 2011.... more time to learn Spanish and I am anxious to TRABAJAR!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Onward toward St. Louis, MO

Hello again from Missouri ~
We drove 609 miles today and it's all because J.D. is trying to get us to St. Louis mid-day so he can take me up inside the great ARCH in St. Louis and avoid commuter traffic by getting there early in the day. What a view I anticipate of the Mississippi River. But we are so very tired of driving. We passed the 6000 mile mark and J.D. is sooooooooooooooo set on GO and EASTWARD toward Virginia. Our neighbor told us it was 104 in Charles City today but they are hoping for rain by Thursday or Friday and DOWN to the high 90s. It will be a reality check but we are so looking forward to getting home.

I have so many notes and research options to start on when I get my act together at home... And a wonderful visit with a childhood friend, Tina, and her husband (Butch) in Denver, CO. We had several hours at their home and were treated royally...

We have visited with so many loved family and friends along our way on this road trip that I feel totally blessed. Here in Kansas City, we are waiting to drive the next 200 miles to St. Louis in the morning... J.D. has that new John Deere riding mower to break in :)

On the road again....

Friday, July 2, 2010

Still on the road but heading HOME

So many miles behind us (4800) and we are still in Oregon. J.D. is studying the maps and we will be heading east after my long-awaited visit with my son in Baker City tomorrow. We have seen so many wonderful people and received and given special hugs and felt the love around us. What fun it is to connect. Leaving Audrie, Ben and baby Hillary in San Diego and then leaving Mom in Portland left me in tears but I will be back i told myself over and over like a litany!

My new cousin in San Jose gave me a fabulous 3" thick genealogy book full of repository search sites and I'm ready to get back to my genealogy quest. Maybe the mail box will be full of responses from my requests for information before we left on June 4... hopeful for that!

My SPAIN trip is postponed until June 2011 as my Spanish-speaking brother, Steven, assures me changing to June will prepare him for our trip. In the interim, we will find out exactly where to go and make serious plans. Also, he says I need to study Spanish with the Rosetta Stone teaching CDs so will begin that soon...

AND then there is Kauai, the island with so many questions waiting to be answered. That must be put on my agenda as well but unsure when... keep tuned in for that one.

The sites and panoramas we have encountered on our road trip are amazing. My digital camera's SD card filled up with over 500 pictures and I have them cradled close for printing when I get home. My Oregon grandchildren (Dylan, Frankie Christina and little Kadence) are well and I had excellent visits with my three brothers. Last night we spent in Bend, with my son in law's parents and it was a laughing good time as we all agreed we were the HILLARY ADMIRATION SOCIETY, our shared 11 mo. old granddaughter Ah, grandparenthood. The life.

Oh, the reason why I haven't kept this blog up better is because I forgot my password!! Until next time, we are one the road again and heading HOME.