Back in the dark misty times...

Back in the dark misty times...
Genealogy, joyfully discovered ~

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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Spanish Pearls BLOG moving to my web site

With ever-changing technology and the exciting creation of my new web site, my SPANISH PEARLS BLOG is now available on the BLOG tab on my web site at

Please follow me there... My web site designer is preparing a function that will enrich reader's ability to read updates on my site by offering the choice of automatic update alerts.  Please watch for an email soon.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

SS ORTERIC - Memento for our Silvan Reunion

Thanks to another Spanish descendant of the SS Orteric, everyone can look forward to playing a game that will entice, teach and add laughter with two winners at the end.  This innovative game will add to the excitement of being among our Silvan descendants at our reunion on August 11, 2013.  

There is only one known photo of the SS Orteric. This photo is in a museum in Victoria, Australia.  

I plan to add a special touch by adding the Ruiz clan's part of the game by including the SS Harpalion to the mix!